Ecodor EcoFloor cleaner

Ecodor EcoFloor floor cleaner

Ecodor EcoFloor ground cleanerEcodor EcoFloor Bodenreinger

The powerful floor cleaner from Ecodor cleans and neutralizes odours. Eliminates animal odours such, urine odours from dogs, cats and rodents. This powerful environmentally friendly floor cleaner effectively removes unwanted odours and leaves behind a shiny, streak-free surface. Ecodor EcoFloor is ideal for easy clean smooth floors, and refreshed them, especially in homes with pets.

For real problem areas on the ground (for example, if an animal always visits the place to urinate), we recommend that you first use Ecodor UF2000. Ecodor The UF2000 decomposed targeted the urine, then you can clean the whole floor with ECOFLOOR.