GogiPet magic towel - super absorbent (pet) towel green

GogiPet ® magic towel green. The towel for dogs and cats takes up the 10 times of its own weight in shortest time and saves time, energy and money. In addition, this towel cleans dirty paws, serves as a cleansing towel and lends to the fur nice shine. GogiPet® of dog care products now at Onlinezoo extra favorably

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GogiPet ® magic towel - dog towel - pet towel green.

This unique GogiPet® magic pet towel absorbs 50% more water than other towels, in much less time, to dry pets ultra-fast. The antibacterial pet towel needs just to be washed out and is immediately ready for use again. You need only a fraction of towels in the pet grooming, save on laundry costs and protect the environment because the washing machine does not have to run as often.

But not only in the Pet Grooming comes this super strong animal towel for use:

GogiPet magic pet towel for pet owners:

Always leave a GogiPet® magic towel in the corridor, so that you can clean and dry  super fast the paws after a walk, with no other towel you get the dog legs and paws as fast clean and drying as with the GogiPet magic pet towel.

Animal hair can be removed from almost all surfaces quickly - simply wipe over it, and shake out. Should sometimes a mishap happen the Magic towel also easily takes up urine and to make sure to keep it clean you can wash the towel also in the washing machine.

GogiPet magic cloth in the household:

Also for cleaning you can use this towel - fast the shoe and paws impressions as well as animal hair are wiped up with the input area and tighten also the dust like a magnet. Wipe with that easily moisten GogiPet towel over the sofa and it take up lints and animal hair playing easily. Clean your windows and all smooth surfaces with or without detergentst. The towel is immediately ready for use, just briefly rinse, wring out and shake off hair ready is the magic cloth for the new usage. May also be used in summer to keep dogs cool - simply immerse in cold water and drape over the dog's back. Essential item for all dog owners.

In the car and other vehicles:

Studded window, dirty windows, dusty dashboard, water stains on the paint and smeared rims, with the GogiPet towel everything is not a problem just wipe over the  surfaces rinse out and immediately use it again, the magic towel makes everything effortless.

This 66cm  x 43 cm magic towel is only 2 mm thick, but work like lots of towels and wipes at a time.

Due to its anti-bacterial effect it may at any time be reused but is also machine washable and suitable for Pet Grooming in the sterilizer. The GogiPet® can absorb 10 times its weight and is wrung out very quickly, so you can very much fluid in the shortest possible time absorb.

Specific features of the GogiPet ® magic towel:

  • The top pet towel for dog groomer and breeders
  • Made by highly absorbent and soft chamois PVA material
  • Absorbs 10 times of its own weight
  • Reusable, durable and machine washable (40 ° C without fabric softener)softener) 
  • Gives coat special shine
  • Dry your pet in half of the time by soaking water out of the fur
  • Also suitable for cleaning windows and furniture
  • Not toxic
  • Stain resistant
  • Nano anti-bacterial
  • Extra thin by the in Austria long time-tested and designed material
  • Sterilizer suitably to quick sterilizing

The perfect towel for Pet Grooming and for every dog owner.

More avert examples and special features;

  1. Drying of pets like dogs and cats after bathing
  2. Cleaning cloth for dirty paws and legs
  3. Dust wiping cloth
  4. Hair removal cloth 
  5. Cleaning cloth for all smooth surfaces 
  6. Fast defogger with tarnished windows
  7. The quick wipe up if a liquid was spilled
  8. Anti-bacterial effect therefore particularly hygienic and extensively in the pet grooming
  9. Also be used in summer to keep dogs cool

Tip of our pet groomer in Vienna:

I had each day 2 times the washing machine and the dryer in the dog salon to run and a consumption of approximately 25 - 35 towels and bath towels. With the antibacterial dog towel I get along with a 1/10 at towels,I  am 3 - 4 times faster and the wash costs reduced enormously.

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